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Sale of crosses and crucifixes

Of all sizes and kinds

The crucifix remains the most widespread symbol of Christianity.
The figure of Jesus on the cross represents for Christians the whole meaning and the key to reading the Bible.

The classic composition of a Catholic and Anglican crucifix is a Latin cross on which the body of Christ is naked and suffering.

Throughout the centuries the crucifixes have been made in the most varied materials: wood, metal, gold and other precious materials; Countless artists have grappled with the representation of Jesus on the cross through different artistic techniques ranging from painting to bas-relief.
The representation of the crucifixion is an important chapter in art history.

Crucifix dimensions can range from a few centimetres to tens of metres, the crucifix can in fact be devotional, sacred or even monumental.

Our catalogue of crosses and crucifixes

crosses and sacred images soprani Rome
Soprani, a leading name in Rome for the sale of sacred ornaments and devotional objects, offers a wide assortment of crucifixes and crosses of all kinds and sizes.

At Soprani you will find the authentic crosses of St. Benedict made in metal, olive, coloured and in wood, of different sizes, as well as a wide choice of devotional jewellery such as:

inexpensive crucifixes in polycarbonate
crucifixes and wooden crosses of different sizes
hand-made olive wood crucifixes
crosses of St. Benedict in metal
crosses of St. Benedict in olive and wood
artistic crucifixes
Table or altarpiece crucifixes, in wood and metal
Small crosses and crucifixes (5 - 15 cm)
Crucifixes and crucifixes of medium size (15 - 50 cm)
Crosses of St. Damian
Crosses and crucifixes in stone
Crosses and crucifixes in plastic
Crucifixes and crucifixes in glass
The whole Soprani catalogue is available online.