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Sacred ornaments

Provision of religious furnishings

Sacred vases, candlesticks, censers, monstrances, tabernacles and all items dedicated to the liturgy, as well as hand-painted icons and sculptures made by craftsmen in the sector: we collaborate with skilled craftsmen who guarantee original creations and high quality sacred items.

Sacred ornaments, vestments and artistic religious objects

sacred ornaments vestments and artistic religious objects Rome
In addition to sacred ornaments, our collection includes a large catalogue of vestments and artistic religious objects.

Come visit us or consult the online catalogue. You will have the opportunity to view a wide range of sacred ornaments of all kinds.

In addition, a selection of gift items can be viewed which are suitable for religious occasions such as baptism, communion, confirmation and weddings.

In our catalogue you will find:
  • Cruets
  • Aspersoria
  • Baptismal fonts
  • Jugs
  • Goblets
  • Book covers
  • Processional crosses
  • Pectoral crosses
  • Monstrances and display cases
  • Pastoral staffs
  • Pyxides
  • Reliquaries
  • Tabernacles
  • Vestments
  • Gowns
  • Shirts
  • Chasubles
  • Cinctures
  • Sets for mass
  • Surplices and rochets
  • Dalmatics
  • Miters
  • Palls
  • Chasubles
  • Copes
  • Stoles