Sale of rosaries Rome

Sale of rosaries

Simple or collectable 

The meaning of the rosary
The word "rosary" means "rose crown". The rosary is the traditional instrument for the recitation of the holy rosary, but also the physical object that, through the passing of the beads, metaphorically reminds us of the flow of every Christian's life in his path of faith. Reciting the rosary converges towards the crucifix, the beginning and end of the prayers, a symbol of the value and centrality of the figure of Christ in the life of every believer.

Rosaries for sale in Rome and online

rosaries for sale online
Soprani, in Rome, specializes in the sale of religious items, in the company catalogue you will find a wide range of rosaries, all visible online! Precious, simple or collectable: many kinds of rosaries, all different, made with diverse materials and with the most unique artistic techniques.

Some examples of rosaries in our catalogue:

  • Rosary in nylon, various colours
  • Rosary in plastic, various colours 
  • Missionary rosary in plastic
  • Nylon rosary with transparent box
  • Silver plated rosary "4 BASILICAS"
  • Rosary with silver/gold plated beads
  • Rosary in silver/gold plated metal
  • Rosary in patented plastic, phosphor colouring
  • Rosary in coconut-effect wood "ADDOLORATA"
  • "SPRING CHRISTI" rosary in plastic
  • Rosary in glass, golden rose 
  • Rosary in imitation mother of pearl, gold plated "4 BASILICAS" resin
  • Gold-plated glass rosary

Also in our catalogue you will find all kinds of luggage holders: cases, bags, boxes...

Contact us for any information or request, the Soprani staff will be at your disposal with courtesy and professionalism.