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Sale of sacred icons and paintings with various religious subjects

What is an icon

The term "icon", from the Greek eikon, means "image". This denomination classifies some paintings characteristic of Eastern Christian religiosity.

Paintings and works of art married with the ability to arouse in those who contemplate them a state of ecstatic devotion, of emotion, of a sense of participation in the divine that is represented. Religious representations of this kind generate more than aesthetic appreciation, but a kind of inner communion with the Sacred.

Sculture, quadretti e icone a carattere religioso

quadretti e icone Roma
Bas-reliefs, paintings, Easter icons. In the Soprani catalogue you will find a selection of icons, little paintings and bas-reliefs representing the Crucifixion, Our Lady with Child, Resurrection and other religious scenes. Sculptures and original paintings in different materials such as wood, plaster, bronze and stone. Religious works that are not mere reproductions of sacred faces, but live portraits that have the ability to inspire the religious feelings that shine through the subjects.

In addition, statues of various sizes and designs: statues made of natural wood, painted wood, porcelain, stone, metal or other materials depicting scenes of the nativity, saints, religious figures...

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